Our clients achieve better value from their strategic projects. You could too!

Vive la difference!

Every client we work with has a unique culture, set of business priorities and needs. Even in local government where every council has a similar set of services to deliver, the variety is staggering. And beautiful.

Of course there are similarities too - the terminology of one insurance company is much like another, but there are subtle differences in the way businesses are structured that are fascinating. If Darwin's theory of evolution applies to business then we should be looking for examples of the fittest structures, sharpest vision, smartest management info, and help our clients adapt these ideals to their particular environment.

That's our role at Some Consultants - to help our clients improve the fitness of their organisation to adapt to a changing environment.

We feel privileged to have worked with clients in the following business sectors:

Our specialty is designing and delivering meaty strategic change projets, often with complex and conflicting stakeholder interests and demands for new technology. Two examples of our work can be found on the Articles page.

We love a challenge - why not get in touch with us? We'd love to hear about your current situation and discover if we can help you help your organisation meet its strategic aims.

Our promise to you

We are as careful with your reputation as we are with our own. Some Consultants will only take on projects where we understand the strategic significance to your organisation, and we know we are equipped to deliver successfully.

We are playing a long-term game and we want to cement our reputation for delivering effective business change and being a pleasure to work with.