Our clients achieve better value from their strategic projects. Here are two examples:

London Borough of Hackney CDM programme

Hackney has a special place in our hearts - it has a fantastically supportive senior management team and it is where Mark and Debbie first worked together.

Like any local authority Hackney had to manage a vast amount of application forms, correspondence, documents and other records, both paper and electronic every day. Hackney knew that it was a problem area for the council, and that inefficient records management caused delay, extra cost and customer disatisfaction, so it worked with information management specialists (a great firm called Metataxis) to create an information management policy and strategy.

The Council Document Management (CDM) programme was created to implement that strategy, and Mark was appointed to develop the business case, secure the funding, procure the necessary services and technology (we used Mouchel, TNT and Open Text) and lead the programme. Debbie was part of the team recruited during phase 1 and went on to lead the programme for the roll-out. Mark says he did all the hard work and Debbie got all the glory!

Hackney certainly gained a great deal of recognition for the programme, including the following:

Allianz Insurance Your Cover

Allianz decided to rebuild its UK strategy for car and home insurance, partly in response to the growth in online insurance sales through aggregator sites such as moneysupermarket, confused, and the meerkats. We helped Allianz evaluate potential partners and contracted with Accenture for implementation of an insurance system from TIA, and established a programme office and governance structure.

Allianz created a new brand, Your Cover, aimed at online customers and offers a highly flexible, modular policy which research showed would appeal to attractive segments of the market for Allianz. Working with Banner Managed Communication who produce and deliver all of Allianz' insurance documents, we transformed the document production process to meet the brand goals. Instead of one-size-fits all policy documents that all other insurers provide, Your Cover documents are beautiful, highly personalised and tailor-made to suit each customer's policy.

Allianz started targeting corporate partners, and we were able to offer a competitive advantage: the customer portal and the document production system were all designed to be rapidly re-brandable. This meant that Allianz was able to offer corporate partners much faster time to market than their competitors, along with a much more personalised policy book. This helped Allianz win corporate partner deals with Audi, BMW, Mini, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen so far.

Here is an example of the industry-wide recognition Allianz has achieved for the level of customisation it offers with Your Cover: