Services designed to help you deliver the improvements your business needs

What we do

Some Consultants helps organisations like yours change the way they work for the better.

Our starting point will typically be when your company has new strategic aims you want to achieve. Sometimes we help shape that strategy and then deliver it; other times the strategy is fully formed but you need help in making the necessary changes. Sometimes the change affects a few discrete areas; other times it is broad and sweeping.

In all cases we put your needs and strategic aims at the very heart of our projects.

Our team

Over 20 years or so the partners at Some Consultants have worked with some brilliant people who have proven themselves to be staunch allies with a rock solid work effort and talent to match. Everybody in Some Consultants has worked together successfully with at least one of the directors before, or worked successfully with other colleagues and has been properly vetted by the directors.

We love working with trusted colleagues because it means we can focus our attention on delivering your strategic projects.

Our promise to you

We are as careful with your reputation as we are with our own. Some Consultants will only take on projects where we understand the strategic significance to your organisation, and we know we are equipped to deliver successfully.

We are playing a long-term game and we want to cement our reputation for delivering effective business change and being a pleasure to work with.